Friday, 22 July 2011

Miss Whatever picks up rambutans

Hey , you wanna know one excitin' story ? It maybe excitin' for ME . But I don't know what do you think about this story..? Ok lets hear it first --->
Once upon a time...Ceh,should I say it in MALAY ?....Daa I'm kind of a...Don't know what to say. It started like this..I was walkin' at d' bach of my house where my grandad planted a rambutan tree.Oh,it is also known as 'Rambut Pak Cik Atan'. My cousins and I gave that fruit a 'beautiful' name ...HAHAHA.( Is it funny ? )...I looked up..Wondering there was maybe some fruits.. As I was goin' to look you there was an enourmes bunch of rambutan.
Is it amaxing for you ? Didn't right ? HAHA.. Pluss : It was the first and last I'll go into the *DRAIN*


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